Speedy Falafel Bakery

Our Oven


6 am. Time to bake the bread and pastry. Our ovens are rolling and the start of a carefully orchestrated morning of rock’n'roll, and mixing begins. The bakery represents a cycle of production utilizing natural processes to transform humble ingredients into complex and nourishing breads and pastries. 

Our Bread


We produce breads and pastries 360 days of the year, supplying not only our restaurant with unique breads and pastries, but also selling to other restaurant near by, shops and customers. We begin our day early so our customers across the city can experience our craft at its best.

Our Mission


Our homemade foods are made with fresh ingredients. No preservatives, additives, artificial flavorings, or colors are used. The Bakery aspires to be more than simply the finest bakery in San Diego. We hold ourselves to elevated standards of quality in our foods to ensure that each item we offer is a delight to both the eye and the palate.  We cater for all occasions, so please call in advance.